“Take the guessing out of giving!”

Coming up with ideas for gifting is no easy task and life would be so much easier if you could get a hint of what gift your loved ones really want. Wishful thinking? Not anymore!

  • Introducing GIFT JEENIE, a social gifting app providing the perfect gifting solution by changing the way people receive and send gifts to mark birthdays, holidays, special milestones or anniversaries.
  • It’s more than just a gifting app! It is a powerful tool to connect with your loved ones to let them know exactly what you want for any occasion.
  • Grant wish lists, claim gifts and swipe to add trending items to your profile all year long for fresh gifting ideas even when you are on the go!








Frequently Asked Questions

Who ships the items to the recipient?

Gift Jeenie does not sell or ship purchased gift items. Retailers, from whom you purchase the products/gifts, will provide the shipping and tracking details.

Can I send my wish list to multiple users?

You can share your wish list with an individual or as many friends and family members as you wish.

How do I know if the gift has not already been gifted by another user?

Gifters can mark a gift as ‘granted’ or ‘claimed’ to inform everyone that they need to select another item from their wish list.

What is the difference between "Claim" and "Granted"?

Claim is when you claim an item but have not purchased it. Granted is when you have purchased a claimed item.

Can I edit my wish list once I have already shared it?

You can add, update or delete items on the wish list anytime! Even after you have shared it. The “shared” wish list will be updated automatically.

Who can gift me items from my wish list?

Anyone whom you share your wish list with.

How do I search for my wish lists that have been shared with me?

Go to “My Lists” and Select “Friends’ Wishlists”. Under “Friends” you will see all the wish lists that have been shared with you.

How do I share my wish list ?

You can share your wish list by hitting the ‘share’ button on the top right corner and select the channel you wish to use. You can share your wish lists via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and e-Mail.

How do I add items from Retailers?

Gift Jeenie offers you an in-app browser to surf any online retailer and add their products to your wish list. Just tap the “+” button and you can start searching for items you want as gifts. Add the product using the “Add wish” button on the top right corner to any existing wish list or simply create a new one!

You can also surf the trending page to see what’s new and trending or browse the social page to see what your friends have been adding to their lists!

When adding items from some retailers, the price does not get pulled up automatically.

Gift Jeenie has a unique slider feature that enables you to split your “Add Wish” screen using the top center arrow. This allows you to manually add any missing data such as price and/or add additional details into your “description”.

Where do I search the Retailers or Brands that are offered on Gift Jeenie ?

Gift Jeenie enables you to browse and add gifts from any retailer which has an online shop or a mobile website! Gift Jeenie does not restrict you by choice or limit the number of retailers you can add from.

Can Gift Receivers send “Thank you notes”?

Gift Receivers can send thank you messages, photos and videos.

Will I be notified when a gift I have on my wish list has been granted?

Yes. Gift Jeenie will send you a push notification when an item has been “Claimed” or “Granted” from your wish list.

Can I receive reminders for other people’s special occasions so I can grant wishes?

Yes. You can set up to receive push notifications as a reminder when it’s your special someone’s birthday or any other special occasion.

How do I return a gift I receive from my wish list?

All returns are handled by the direct Retailer from whom your ‘granter’ has made that purchase from. Review that Retailer’s return policy on their website and work directly with them.

How is Gift Jeenie different from other online or Retailer gift registries?

Gift Jeenie is a ‘one stop’ online database of all the items you wish to receive for any occasion. Gift Jeenie differs by not restricting users to any one Retailer and enables you to expand to as many Retailers, allowing your gift-givers to find all the items you are wishing for in one online place.

How do I remove an item from my wish list?

Go into your wish list, select the item you wish to remove and hit delete.

After my special occasion has passed, does my wish list disappear?

No. All items on your wish list remain until you decide to remove them.

Can I print my wish list?

You are able to share via your social media channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter) from where you can print your items. Unfortunately, there is no direct print option.

My family isn’t on Social Media, how can I share my list with them?

You are able to email and SMS your wish list to others. Remember if they do purchase any item on your list at a Retailer store, it will not be marked as ‘granted’ till they manually update the status within the app.

About Us

“Take the guessing out of giving!”


Gift Jeenie is a social media wish list for end users, while providing high value behavioural analytics to retailers. We are a centralised repository of Wish lists, where users can share their wishes with family and friends via their preferred social media channels.

A sneak peak into our team of creative professionals…

Vikram Chopra
Vikram Chopra

Vikram Chopra

Founder and CEO

Pathfinder and serial entrepreneur. Vikram is the executor, focused like a laser beam and always on the go- launching new ventures and spear-heading initiatives. In between work, Vikram finds time to be a comic junkie, bookworm, Netflix addict and Martial artist. On Vikram's wish list is Marvel's Amazing Fantasy #15, 'Relic' - a novel by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child and a BMW i8. Vik likes to go fast!

Gerard Maynard
Gerard Maynard

Gerard Maynard

Founder and COO

Unique aptitude for spotting new trends and seizing the opportunity by filling gaps in the marketplace. Gerard's talent as an entrepreneur stems from his ability to take an idea from inception and turn it into a successful business venture. Gerard’s love of gourmet food is, balanced with his physical activities of cross fit, tennis and spending time with his family & close friends. On Gerard’s wish list is a Babolat Pure Drive tennis racket, underwater camera and a Tesla. Gerard likes to dream big!

Kundan Joshi
Kundan Joshi

Kundan Joshi

CTO – Board Advisor & Investor

Fuelled by technology and innovation, Kundan has a passion for technology, where he identifies new trends and helps accelerate them to the market. Kundan is the rare technologist with a keen sense of business trends. Kundan runs on his passion for entrepreneurship and love for his family. On Kundan’s wish list is an Oculus Rift, Giro Range Ski helmet with GoPro and Tesla Model X.

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